SFHR is seasoned in transforming HR organizations and driving large-scale HR organizational changes. Experts at cultivating deep business partner relationships leading to the achievement of high priority business objectives, architect of HR process improvements, all resulting in consistent positive impact to the bottom line and employee engagement .

We offer our clients a fresh approach to consultancy. The Consultancy we offer is based on 20+years of leading HR efforts from HR Transformation to Talent Management Strategy. Our areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Human Capital Institute MENA Representative HCI.ORG
  • HR Training and Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Talent Search and Placement
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Human Capital Plan Development
  • HR Policy development & support

Looking for a dynamic keynote speaker, conference chair or conference advisory services ? We have spoken at over 30 International conferences over the past couple of years throughout the MENA region and the USA

Stop Telling People You Work In HR


You will no longer identify yourself as, “Oh, I work in human resources.” You are now a human capital strategist. When someone asks what you do, that will be your response. That was my last thought of the day when I conducted a Human Capital Strategist certification course this past week in New York for […]

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Why Do You Wait So Long To Train Your Managers?


“Just want to acknowledge and thank you so much for all you are accomplishing, always, but especially as of late. You are a rock for our office, always steady, calm, transparent, real helpful, etc. …many more adjectives could be used to describe you and your performance… but just a simple note of appreciation for your […]

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Is What You Are Doing What You Want To Be Doing?


I remember when I was 15 years old I once went to a calligrapher and asked him to write my name on a shell. He asked if he should write my full name, and I told him to write Dr. Sharoq Almalki 🙂 and I still have that shell. That statement arrived in my mailbox […]

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Great Leaders Aren’t Born, They’re Cloned


“Last night on an elevator in New York, headed to dinner with my colleagues, a woman on the elevator asked if I was China Gorman. When I said yes, she hugged me tightly and told me who she was. Twenty years ago, in Boston, I hired her to be my assistant with the easy promise […]

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